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Why am I unable to connect to MT4?

If you are receiving the “invalid account” / “authorization failed” / “unauthorized” messages when trying to login to MT4 it will mean you are unable to connect. 

These messages are possibly related to either an incorrect password or an incorrect server selection. It could also be the incorrect MT4 login number, so please check that first.

Please be sure to select the EagleFX-Demo for your demo account or the EagleFX-Live when logging in to your live trading account. If the server selection is not the issue, please try resetting your MT4 password.

To reset your MT4 password you will need to follow the below steps:

1) Login to your EagleFX customer profile

2) Once logged in, please select 'Trading Accounts' from the left-hand side menu

3) Select the 'Padlock symbol' next to the relevant account then select 'Reset Password'.

Should you need any further assistance regarding MT4 connectivity please do not hesitate to visit our Contact Us page here, https://www.eaglefx.com/contact-us/ where we have helpful representatives available 24/7 via Live Chat, E-mail and Telephone.