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How do I open an EagleFX demo account?

Before you can create a demo account via MT4 you will need to download MT4 to your windows computer and continue through the installation process. Once installed, proceed with the instructions below.

1) Click on “File”
2) Click on “Open an Account”
3) Select the “EagleFX-Demo” server
4) Proceed by clicking on “Next”
5) Select “New demo account” if it is not already selected
6) Proceed by clicking on “Next”
7) Fill in your account details, select your desired currency in “Account type”, specify how much demo funds you wish and choose your desired leverage
8) Tick on the “I agree to subscribe to your newsletters” checkbox
9) Proceed by clicking on “Next”
10) Your new Demo account details will be shown on screen. Store these safely so you don’t lose them
11) Proceed by clicking on “Finish”. Once you click finish, you will automatically be logged into your new demo account and can begin trading immediately