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I have sent funds. Why are they not in my MT4 account?

When you deposit funds successfully, they appear in your vault. 

To be able to trade with these funds, you need to internally transfer funds from your vault to your trading account. They will then be linked to your MT4 account with the same ID as your trading account.

You may do this via these two methods,

Either click on the From Account and To Account boxes below on the left hand panel.



First click on Dashboard on the left panel.


Scroll down to Trading accounts.

The From Account box has all your vault and trading accounts.

The To Account has all your vault and trading accounts.

Simply select where you want to move your money from and to and press the Transfer button.


If you have already internally transferred the funds and they are not showing in your trading account, please log out and back in again to allow the MT4 platform to update.