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What are my withdrawal options?

EagleFX clients enjoy 100% Free and Fast withdrawals. Our Specialist Payments Team review and process all withdrawal requests on an hourly basis to ensure that your withdrawals are paid out quickly.

There are two withdrawal options available, which are the easiest and most secure methods: 

1) Bitcoin - When withdrawing via Bitcoin, you can do so to any wallet!  

2) Coinbase/PayPal - When withdrawing to your 'Coinbase' wallet, 'Coinbase' offers the option for you to do so via 'PayPal', for your added convenience.  

Please contact our Customer Support team for any queries you may have or if you require further information regarding these withdrawal methods. We have a dedicated Specialist Support Team who are ready and waiting to assist you 24/7 via Live Chat, Email or Telephone (call back request only).