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How do I submit a Credit/Debit card deposit?

You may submit a Credit/Debit card deposit by following these steps.�

Select Make a Deposit on the left side panel.

Then select Instacoins - DEPOSIT.

Select the currency you want the money deposited into and then the amount you wish to send.

Then click Deposit.


You will be directed to the following page.


Login if you have an Instacoins account.

If this is your first time using Instacoins, you’ll be required to fill in the basic details which are required in order to create your Instacoins account. (see the following screens.

After your account is verified, (or if you are already registered with Instacoins), you’ll notice that the Bitcoin address field and the amount fields are already filled to credit your EagleFX account. You may now click ‘Pay $XXX Now’

You are almost there.. Please now enter your credit/debit card details, as shown in the example below, to complete the payment transaction. The funds will then be sent directly to your EagleFX account.