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How do I submit a Bitcoin deposit?

You may submit a Bitcoin deposit by following these steps.�

Select Make a Deposit on the left side panel.

Then select Bitcoin - DEPOSIT.

Select the currency you want the money deposited into and then the amount you wish to send.

Then click Deposit.�


You will be directed to the following page.

This page contains the Bitcoin address that you must use when sending us funds.

However the Bitcoin address below is just an example. Please do not use this specifc Bitcoin address.undefined

Once the Bitcoin address is generated for you, you have a 15-minute window to copy the Bitcoin address. 

If you don’t copy the Bitcoin address within those 15 minutes, please submit a new Bitcoin deposit request to receive a new Bitcoin address.


The easiest way to send us these funds is to log into your Instacoins account and purchase Bitcoin with either credit/debit card or by wire.

If you don't have an Instacoins account then go here

Remember to use the Bitcoin address we have generated for you and not the one in the example screen above.